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Untold Stories: Voices of Adoption

As a transracial adoptee, I have been searching for people and connections my whole life. If I wasn’t searching for my biological family, I was searching for my identity or just searching for like-minded individuals.

Last year I was fortunate enough to come across an adult adoptee support group hosted by Adoption Support Alliance. The first meeting gave me so much life. I immediately felt validated and heard, and I knew I had finally found my tribe. The adoption group continued to foster my passion for advocacy and education within the adoption community.

Over the past couple years I have noticed that the adoption narrative has been focused on the adoptive parents’ perspective. I believe it is very important for adoptees and birth parents to also have a voice within the story. The adoption triad implies that all voices are equal, but that is not what is being reflected.

After several conversations with Erin Nasmyth, we realized that our goals and ideas for the adoption community were aligned. So we decided to join forces and will be launching an adoption podcast Friday May 10th. The podcast is Untold Stories: Voices of Adoption, and it will be available to listen to through Podbean.

We are giving everyone who has been touched by adoption a platform to speak their truth and tell their story. We are super excited about this collaboration because it will give the underrepresented voices a safe space to speak up.

This week we have two episodes! First our introductory episode, "Who are we?" and also a feature episode where you will be able to hear Joy's episode. Joy is an adult adoptee who was adopted from Chile as a baby. Please take the time to subscribe and listen.

If you are an adoptee, adoptive parent, or birth parent and would like to be on our show, please send an email to


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