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The following are descriptions of our current course offerings. 

To see the details for the course or to register for the course,

please visit our events page

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Adoption 101: A course designed for anyone considering growing their family through adoption. Topics addressed include:

  • The logistics of both domestic and international adoption

  • What’s involved in the home study process

  • Post-placement requirements

  • The laws governing the adoption process

  • How to deal with grief and trauma

  • Birth family relationships

  • How to navigate differences in race and culture


Group format = $100 per household (individual or couple)

One-on-One format = $200 per household (individual or couple)

Information: Email or click the button below to see all of our upcoming classes.

Group Option (three + families): Several times a year, ASA will host a 3-hour group class that will include a formal presentation, insight from current adoptive parents, and extended time for discussion/questions. Participants will be able to hear from others who recently completed their adoption as well as meet others like themselves who are just getting started.

Individual Option: As scheduling allows, we offer a one-one-one format in which we meet with you and any other significant others in your home to review the materials and offer more tailored opportunities for discussion.  This format also includes a review of a presentation and materials as well as more intimate conversations informed by each family's adoption journey.

Race, Culture & Adoption: Many families adopt children from different racial or cultural backgrounds. In this informative 2-hour course led by our executive director, Erin Nasmyth, we discuss how that impacts the adoption process. The course covers:

  • How to talk about race and culture with children at different ages,

  • How to talk to others about your multiracial family,

  • How to incorporate and encourage your child to develop a positive racial and cultural identity,

  • PLUS tips on how to help your child navigate race and culture in today’s world.

Race Culture & Adoption Insta.png

Cost: $100 per household (individual or couple)

Information: Email

Adoption Training for Church Communities: In this course, led by our executive director, Erin Nasmyth, we guide church communities on how best to support the adoptive families in their congregations. We cover:

  • The unique challenges adoptive families face,

  • The importance of community in navigating the adoption process,

  • The grief and trauma involved in many adoption situations,

  • The role of race and culture.


These courses are offered upon request. If you are interested in hosting a session within your church or organization, please email

Coming Soon 

The following training topics are currently in development:

  • Navigating relationships with birth family members

  • Adopting the older child

  • Common behavioral concerns and interventions

  • Training for extended family members

  • Talking to your children about adoption


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at We’re always looking to build new programs to better serve our community.

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