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Here’s what our community has to say...




“My kids have attended the summer camp three years in a row, and they always come out of it with thoughtful questions and a better sense of who they are and what it means to be adopted. It has helped us process things as they struggle with questions about identity and family, and has deepened my relationship with them. Organizations like Adoption Support Alliance are too rare. We are lucky to have one in Charlotte.”


— Kathie, adoptive mother





“Prior to attending our first 101 class, we perceived adoption to be this insurmountable and overwhelming process. Immediately after our first class, both my husband and I looked at each other and said ‘we can do this’. The education and support provided — particularly the real families you connect with, going through the very same thing — they make it REAL. Without Adoption Support Alliance, we would never have ventured down the adoption path, which scares me to even consider. We would never have grown our beautiful family to three, and would not have adopted our son Theo. We give 100% credit to the support, love and education we received through Adoption Support Alliance.”


— Tara, adoptive mother




“Being part of a group provides something that I get from no other source. It’s validating, informative and fun! For my daughter, the teen group provides an opportunity to talk, share and learn in a way that she doesn’t do with her friends, adopted or not. We are grateful to Adoption Support Alliance for walking with us through this important journey.”


— Meg, adoptive mother




“Getting together with other adoptive parents and sharing our experiences gives me perspective on our family. Sometimes, I realize that our ‘crazy’ is actually normal or I gain new insight into what our children have gone through. Other times, I learn practical day-in-day-out parenting tips. No matter what, I feel I can bring my honest experiences to the table and be heard and supported.”


— Carrie, adoptive mother



We'd love for you to share your experiences with Adoption Support Alliance.  It's encouraging to hear how our services have helped adoptive families.  And, constructive criticism encourages us to improve!

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