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Macie's story

Well: /wel/ adverb

1. in a good or satisfactory way

synonyms: skillfully, with skill, ably, competently, proficiently, adeptly, adroitly, deftly, dexterously, effectively, expertly, with expertise, admirably, excellently, consummately, professionally

2. in a thorough manner

synonyms: thoroughly, completely, efficiently, rigorously, effectively, conscientiously, industriously, carefully

How do we adopt well?

Macie is on the podcast this month sharing her passion to Adopt Well and encourage others to do the same. As an adoptive mother, Macie continually seeks to grow in her understanding of each perspective of the adoption triad. With such kindness and intention, Macie shares her passion with an online community and joins Erin and Myrlene to share how her life has been touched by adoption.

Make sure to subscribe and be sure to check out Macie at Adopt Well on Instagram.


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