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Krystal's story

This month's Untold Stories: Voices of Adoption's podcast episode features Krystal. With such honesty and power, Krystal allows the listeners into her backstory, her transition into her new family, and shares the complexities of being adopted into a family with such a different culture than that of her biological family. Krystal kindly sheds light on ways her new family met her in her trauma and ways she still felt missed.

"There’s so much that comes with adoption- it’s almost impossible to be aware of everything. For the tools that they had and for what I was giving them, they did the absolute best they could."--Krystal

At 28, Krystal is a graduate student at UNCC working on her masters degree in clinical counseling and play therapy. She has a passion for transracial adoptions and trauma of children, teens and young adults. Her passion stems from being adopted from a Jamaican family where she personally experienced a lot of trauma and abuse into an African-American/biracial family. Krystal plans to obtain her doctoral degree to further research transracial adoption and trauma, eventually finding ways to provide mental health awareness in lower socioeconomic and/or minority communities.

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