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What We Do

At Adoption Support Alliance, we help adoptive families through their unique challenges with the following circles of support: 

community building, classes, connection groups & counseling.

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Have questions? We can help. We offer courses on all aspects of the adoption process to give you the information you need to navigate your stage of the process — whatever that may be. Our classes equip families for success. 

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Connection Groups

Find a safe space in a smaller space in which you can share unique challenges, encourage and support one another.   Groups are offered both as committed, time-limited opportunity and as an ongoing, join-when-you can meeting.  

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With your help, we want to create community that "gets it" for adoptees of all ages and their families.  So, we invite you to host an event - a play date at the park, brewery meet-up or just invite other adoptive families to something you are already doing.  Through these events, we are creating connection for adoptive families, whose uniqueness is often overlooked. 

Community Building

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Every adoption is unique, with its own set of challenges and concerns. That’s why we offer professional counseling services for both individuals and families- both in person and via tele-health, through insurance benefits or private pay

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