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Small Group Curriculum

Looking to build community with other adoptive families within your own network, but not sure where to start? Is your existing group looking for ways to have more meaningful conversations about adoption? Our Connect & Belong: A Foundation to Adoption Community curriculum was written with you in mind! 

Connect & Belong: Foundations focuses on four foundation topics in adoption including: Grief & Loss in Adoption, Talking About Adoption, Openness in Adoption, and Parenting in Adoption. 

Each of the four session begins with video led by ASA Executive Director, Erin Nasmyth, and includes a discussion guide to help your group dig deeper.


Together, you'll explore topics like:

  • How to help your children with grief and loss. 

  • How to respond to tough questions about your child's story. 

  • Practical ideas for how to cultivate openness in your child's adoption.

  • How parenting your child may look different than your peers.


Click 'View details' below to learn more and preview some of the content. 

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