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Tethered Roots: A Podcast on Adoption is a conversational style podcast hosted by adult adoptee, Myrlene Mondesir and ASA Executive Director, Erin Nasmyth. Tethered Roots gives everyone who has been touched by adoption (adoptees, adoptive parents and biological parents) a platform to speak their truth and tell their story.


We are super excited about this collaboration and about the use of the podcast platform, now hosted by Anchor.  We aim for Tethered Roots to give the underrepresented voices a safe space to share.  We hope by sharing stories we can create deeper connection and community.  Every adoption story is unique but there are also themes running through each story that we hope serves as a point of connection for everyone touched by adoption.  

Listen on Anchor or find us on Spotify.  Check out our blog to see how this podcast got started.  Share with your friends!

Do you have a story you would like to share?  Email

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