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ASA Golf Tournament Inspiration

You may have heard already about the newest event we are adding to our ASA Fall Calendar, an Inaugural Golf Tournament in November. As we continue to make plans to bring about this wonderful event as well as open up registration, we asked one of our Board members and fellow adoptive mother, Jenn, to share more about her family's inspiration for helping us plan this event. If you are interested in hearing more about her adoptive journey, you can find 2 additional blog posts and wonderful insights from their family through the years.

We were first introduced to Adoption Support Alliance 8 years ago when we were beginning to gather information for our first adoption. We had no idea where to start or how the process went. We attended the first Adoption 101 class and learned so much! ASA was and continues to be a huge part of both of our adoption journeys.

When I was asked to serve on the Board, I was nervous; however, I was also so excited to share my knowledge and love for adoption by helping others. Sharing our story openly is one way our family loves to support other adoptive families. Being able to support other families and help them begin their adoption journey has been very rewarding.

Part of our family's support for ASA has been in helping them raise funds for their daily operations. This year my husband and I tried to think of other ways to help ASA share their mission and raise funds with the hopes of being able to serve more adoptive families like us. In the past, my father-in-law organized and led many golf tournaments in his prior jobs and threw out the idea to us. We loved it!

Not only is this a way for us to support ASA monetarily, but it will also allow ASA to increase their outreach and services to those who might not otherwise hear about us. My father-in-law always said it wasn't always about the money, but that it was also about connecting people who believe in your organization and your mission. We believe this event will do both; it will support ASA financially and bring our community together.

It is our honor to begin the hole sponsorships in honor of our father-in-law's favorite grandchildren, as well as in his memory. His belief in the importance of adoption helped to bring those very grandchildren home.

We want to challenge all of you to do one of two things, but if you can, both. First, we want to see each and every one of you on the course on November 14th. It is going to be an amazing day of golf, fun competitions and memories to share. Second, if you are able, donate. What better way to honor a loved one than by sponsoring a hole in their name? With your participation and sponsorship, we will be able to bring about this event to honor all of those in our collective community. We can't wait to meet you on November 14th!

Your friends,

Jennifer, Mike, Piper & Baron

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