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ASA in Action: Fall Photo Fundraiser 2018

Somehow it’s that time of the year again- planning time for our Fall Photo Fundraiser. As the co-founder of an organization, I have found this is to be a stressful time (and this is the first year I have been in the weeds to this extent!). It feels vulnerable to put ourselves out there and ask for support. I want our messaging to be clear and compelling and really capture who and what we are as an organization. I want the fundraiser to be a success so we can keep operating another year and offer more to families and more to the people who give their time to the organization. Those who know me personally know I “sometimes” struggle to not put pressure on myself to get things to 100% ;)

On the other hand, planning for the fundraiser can bring out the best in the life of a non-profit. We have an amazing team that have come together to offer their time and talents to the planning this year- adoptive parents, professionals in the field and friends of the organization. We are so excited about our event location at the Duke Mansion and have been really struck by their hospitality and generosity (they are a non-profit too!) as we have worked through the details of the event. We have ten amazingly talented photographers completely donating their time. And, I am touched and humbled by the fact that this will be our third annual event! (cue all the warm feelings!)

So, it is in that spirit (one of stress, excitement and vulnerability) that I let you know that tickets are now on sale for our event and we would LOVE for you to come out and support our organization and invite a friend (or friends!) to join you.

Here are some things we’d like for you to know:

-The Duke Mansion is gorgeous, our photographers are professional and the pictures will be great! (Holiday cards will be a no brainer!)

-This year we are hosting a silent auction at the event- come ready to bid on some wonderful items.

-We will have food provided by the Duke Mansion- yum!

-The Panthers are playing an away game and the game will be on (do not fear!)

All this means is that this year we’d like you to come, get pictures taken and plan to stick around with us for a while! In addition to this being a fundraiser for the organization, we want it to be a time of connection for our community and a time for people to learn about us. Buy tickets. Come join us. It'll be fun!

Thank you as always for your support! And, don’t forget that we are still helping adoptive families when not planning this event check out details on upcoming events and support groups!


Erin Nasmyth

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Adoption Support Alliance


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