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Myrlene Mondesir

Program Coordinator

Myrlene launched her podcast Tethered Roots in 2020 in partnership with Adoption Support Alliance. In 2024 she joins ASA as Program Coordinator, bringing her first hand expertise to educating families and supporting adoptees. She aims to give underrepresented voices a safe space to share and be supported. 

I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, adoptee and so much more. Each of these aspects of my life is woven and intertwined so tightly that if one starts unraveling, then other parts of my life follow suit. I have learned over the years that, although I am more than just an adoptee, adoption has enveloped me and has an imprint on every part of my life. 
I am a transracial adoptee from Haiti. I was adopted at the age of three into a Caucasian family of four. In my adolescent years, I was afforded the opportunity to move back to Haiti with my missionary family and experience my culture, meet biological family members, and walk the same land as my ancestors. The experience was not lost on me back then and even more so, now that I am an adult with a family of my own.  
My passion for supporting and mentoring adoptees has grown deeper with every connection I make and every story I hear. Adoptee voices have been quieted and disregarded and it is damaging to all who are a part of the adoption community.
The time is now, to amplify and respect all voices within the adoption triad.

Myrlene Mondesir
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