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Erin Dennison

Program Coordinator

Erin Dennison can be referred to as Adoption Support Alliance's 'art teacher extraordinaire'. Erin has weaved intuitive and healing arts projects into each of her positions as a Youth & Family Service Preschool Director, Teacher, Family Service worker, and Art Studio Facilitator for children and families in IN, VA and NC over the past 23 years. Currently, she utilizes the principals and techniques of Metanoia Method and theraputic Art in her work with private clients and families, as well as community collaborations, such as ASA. Her first experience with foster care and adoption was with a dear friend in high school who took shelter in foster care and later, in college, serving in orphanages in Haiti. These experiences (along with her own story of healing from early childhood trauma) led her to a path in Social Service, in combination with Art.

It is clear that the Arts play a beautiful and vital role in healing, often allowing us to communicate, express and let go through Artform what we may not know how to express through word. What a gift it is to be a part of creating a safe space to share, learn, grow and cultivate belonging together.

In her free time, Erin loves enjoying adventures with her husband, Ry, and children, Luca and Micah, as well as extended family and friends. She enjoys painting, dance and yoga, gardening, swimming and horseback riding.

Erin Dennison
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