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Diane Adams

Connection Group Facilitator

Diane is the mom of an adult daughter adopted at the age of 10 months from China.  As a single parent, Diane built a village with other (many single) adoptive and foster parents that has lasted throughout her daughter's whole life.  Over the years, the members of the "village" have supported each other with everything from venting challenges to choosing schools, sharing professional resources and networks, through first boyfriends and both successful and not-so-successful educational experiences.  The village has shared babysitting, shopping, meal prep, and even pet-sitting support.  


Diane made Adoptions Support Alliance part of her village over 8 years ago by attending a "Parents of Adopted Teens" support group led by Erin Nasmyth.  As relationships within the group grew and the knowledge of available resources grew, and with the support of ASA, it was determined that this group could operate in village mode without facilitation by a professional counselor- the parents could provide the support that was needed to each other.  That's when Diane volunteered to facilitate this group.  Over the years they have welcomed and supported couples and single parents of adopted, foster, and even some bio kids.  The goal of the group is to listen, provide and share resources, and be an uplifting safe space.  Parents stop by to touch base, come when they need some support or have something to share, or even when they simply need a couple of hours outside of the house.  The group is fluid and welcoming.  The group has expanded to support parents of teens and young adults. 


Diane recently retired from the City of Charlotte where she worked assisting families with housing issues for 25 years.  She intends to spend time traveling, spending more time with family, and honing her skills as a decorative painter. 

Diane Adams
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