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ASA is committed to community. 
We invite you to join ours.

2023 Commit to Community Campaign .png

A peer-to-peer campaign

A community-centric approach to fundraising. 

Fundraising is an inevitable part of a successful nonprofit.  It’s always been important to Adoption Support Alliance to include the most important part of who we are in our fundraising- our community! 

As you consider reaching out to your community to solicit support for ours, read below as we share our commitments to community. ​


We commit to listening to our local community and responding to their expressed needs. 

Guided by our mission of helping adoptive families through the unique challenges of building their forever family, we understand and anticipate the needs of our community will change and we remain pliable. We want to meet families where they are and commit to remaining judgment-free about where that might be.  We commit to a community that enhances busy family life rather than burdens it.  

We commit to partnering within our larger community.

We know it takes a village to support children and families.  And, we know there are others that are doing awesome work within Charlotte. In 2023, we’ve collaborated with Foster Village Charlotte, Empowered to Connect, Congregations for Kids and Post Resource. We don’t view our individual organization as more important than our collective community.  We commit to maintaining these partnerships and adding more!

We commit to connecting adoptive families to adoption competent professionals within their neighborhoods.

When we think about “community that gets it” we think about counselors, occupational therapists, doctors, and other professionals who understand the unique needs of adoptive families and are well informed about how to best support them. We know it is difficult to find these professionals, and we’ve committed ourselves in 2024 to formally launch the Clinician Alliance and make that dream a reality. When families come to us asking for help, we want to have a professional network of support ready to surround them. 

We commit to upholding the dignity and privacy of adoptees and their families.

If you’re an adoptive parent who's taken one of our classes, you’ve probably heard us stress the importance of supporting adoptees' right of ownership over their own stories. In our summer camps and play groups, we work with kids to cultivate positive self identity as adoptees and also empower them to share their stories when, how and with whom they want. In our adult adoptee groups and panels, we hear adoptees share their lived experience of being tokenized or feeling a sense of loss of control over their own stories. As an organization, we consistently ask “Does this honor the community we serve?”  when thinking about how to share about our work. In this campaign, you’ll notice no faces are shared, but instead adoptees have been represented through their art - this is intentional!

We commit to finding content experts who can educate our community.

We know that we don’t know everything.   With you all, we are a mighty community but we’re also just a two person staff of a small nonprofit.  We commit to exploring new resources and research in Charlotte and beyond. We value education for our families and for our organization to ensure we continue to provide our families with an informed, professional level of support.  We may be small but we commit to using all of our resources to point you to others and make our community mighty.

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Help us reach our goal of $5,000!!! 

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