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What do I say to that?

Driving to the grocery store, I glanced in my mirror and my breath caught at the image I saw in my rear view mirror: two sets of big brown eyes, the sweetest dimples on the left, a halo of dark curls on the right. Just weeks into finding our new normal, my mind swirled as I jumped from question to question. I found myself answering rapid fire.

What's in that truck? Is that man safe up there? Is he in a bucket?

Why is that car red? Where are they going? Are they going to our store?

Can we go to the slide? Will you push me on the swing first?

Can I drink pink milk and eat grilled cheese?

Oh the questions! Not much has changed truthfully. Five years later, I still chuckle when they get rolling. I still struggle to keep up. Most of their questions I can answer quite easily, or at least after a quick google search, I can come up with something.

But sometimes there are questions I just don't know how to best answer:

Does my birth mom remember me?

Will I get to see my birth father ever?

Why did I go to so many houses before I came here?

Did my birth parents love me?

Do they ask about me?

What did I look like as a baby?

Are there any pictures of me from my first birthday?

Would you have adopted somebody else?

I so desperately want to meet their hearts in a way that invites their questions honestly and tenderly. I don't want to lie to them, but sometimes the truth feels too heavy. Sometimes it's even questions from friends, family or strangers that are asked about their adoption that leave me stuttering, unsure how much to share or how little.

Do you wonder how best to talk to kids about adoption?

Adoption Support Alliance welcomes you into a space where these concerns and questions will be shared and met with helpful information. Led by ASA Executive Director and licensed clinical social worker, Erin Nasmyth, each class is designed to be both educational and supportive. This group will meet for three monthly sessions that will leave you with more confidence in having conversations with your child, tools to use in the conversations and a feeling that you are not alone!

When: March 5, April 2, May 7, 2019

Where: ASA Office, 1501 E. 7th Street, Unit 6 Charlotte, NC 28204

Cost: $120 total for all three sessions

To register: Click here!

Email with any questions.


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