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National Adoption Month

The Adoption Connection Podcast – The Adoption Connection

At Adoption Support Alliance, we dedicate our entire mission to serving adoptees and their families. Even as professionals dedicated to supporting all voices and experiences, we are always expanding our perspectives on the adoption triad. If you too find yourself looking for alternative voices to listen to during National Adoption Month, we have listed just a small selection to begin the journey. If you have others that you want to make sure that we are hearing too, we invite you to contact us or leave a comment below with your suggestions. May we always be growing together.

Blog Posts/Panel Discussions:

Organizations Supporting Members of the Adoption Triad:

Social Media Hashtags to search:


Books: Check out our Amazon lists for Adult Adoptees, Children, Parenting & Adoption Education, as well as Hopeful Adoptive Parents for some ideas

These are just a small glimpse into the vast number of resources available to continually grow in this adoption journey together. Thank you to each and every author, speaker, illustrator, and creator for sharing with us.

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