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Erins' Favorite Things 2021

During December 2021, we embraced the holiday season and ran a series called Erins' Favorite Things on social media to share some highlights from our own adoption-related toolkits (get it? Erin Nasmyth, Executive Director and Erin Bost, Operations Manager? "Erins" [insert eye roll here]). While not quite Oprah status, we do often receive requests for recommendations of additional resources for our community to use in their homes to continue to foster support for their families. Feel free to bookmark and/or share your own with us.


What Happened to You? - Bruce Perry/Oprah

⁠In on It by Elizabeth O'Toole

Adoption is a Family Affair by Jessica Kingsley Pub

Adoption Competent Colleagues

Online Resources for Educational Content & Support

Our Organization

Resources for Younger Adoptees

Charlotte-Area Professionals


Documentaries of Adoptee Experiences

  • Lion, Twinsters, Three Identical Strangers, Closure

Podcasts featuring Birth Mothers & Adoptees

  • Adoptees On, I'm Adopted Now What? and Born in June Raised in April

Family Movies

  • Tigger Movie, Elf, Tarzan, Inside Out, Up, Tarzan, Kung Fu Panda, Finding Dory, Despicable Me

Videos on YouTube

At-Home Resources & Activities

  • Family Game Night Ideas: Story Cubes, It's in the Bag, Qwirkle, Ticket to Ride, Telestrations, Azul, Zingo, Left-Right-Center

  • Sand Tray Supplies & Activities: All you need is a plastic bin, sand and some of your favorite small beach toys. Fun additions include miniature figurines, construction equipment, colanders and small pebbles.

Meditation/Mindfulness Apps

  • Insight Timer (meditations & music for all ages)⁠

  • Smiling Mind (developed by psychologist & educators)⁠

  • Dreamy Kid (general and issue-based meditations)⁠

  • Mindful Powers (social-emotional learning through play)⁠

  • Headspace (recommended resources by age)⁠

  • Sesame Street (breathe, think, do practice)⁠

  • Calm for Kids (meditations, study breaks, and emotional regulation)⁠

  • Moshi (audio-only app for sleep)⁠

  • Stop, Breathe, Think (middle school+ with personalization options)⁠


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