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ASA in Action: Adoption 101

Analysis Paralysis. It's a thing, right? Sometimes just choosing what to order at a restaurant can leave you puzzled.

And then comes adoption--- an infinitely more weighty decision. After years of countless conversations, you finally walk through the "yes, I hope to adopt" door and may suddenly find yourself bug-eyed at all of the options ahead of you.

With great wisdom and experience, ASA loves to come along side families in the process, sometimes answering questions they didn't even know they needed to ask!

Domestic? International? Foster Care? Infant? Older Child? Special Needs? Siblings?

Recently, we hosted our Adoption 101 class. Offered quarterly, this 3 hour class serves to help navigate the adoption waters---a great starting place to find your bearing.

-A few items shared in this past class...

-Adoption laws are not consistent across the United States. Each state operates as its own country.

-You have to stay in the state in which your child is born for up to 10 business days after your child's birth.

-The number of international adoptions has dropped significantly in the last 15 years.

-In domestic infant adoptions, birth parents often make match decisions, and in international adoptions, the foreign country makes the adoption match. \

​If you are considering growing your family through adoption, we would love to walk with you as you map out your path. The next Adoption 101 class will be held Thursday, May 2, from 6:30-9 pm at the ASA offices in Elizabeth. If you'd like to register, click this link!

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