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Forever Family (with FVC)

Forever Family (with FVC)

In partnership with Foster Village Charlotte, this is a group for caregivers who have adopted or have guardianship from foster care. This group is also open for foster parents who are on the journey toward adoption (post TPR). The groups will be anchored by a topic of focus each month (Grief & Loss, Race & Culture, Biological Family Relationships and Managing Behaviors). But, please know that you can bring up issues outside the topic of focus if you need or want to but the topics will help us focus our conversations. There is always so much to talk about and we want to help structure those conversations so everyone can get the most possible out of our time together. Registration should be done on the Foster Village Charlotte website.


Second Tuesday Monthly

8:00 PM


9:00 PM


This group meets virtually.


FREE. Thanks to FVC

Reach out to the group facilitator for all the details and to let her know you are coming!

Erin Nasmyth, LCSW

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