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Board Member

Board Member

Kathleen Chae

Kathleen was first introduced to adoption and fostering as a young child growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs. She grew up among neighbors who fostered and adopted, and it moved her heart even from a young age that her future family was going to include fostering and/or adopting as well.

Kathleen and her husband, Thom, were first introduced to ASA when they attended "Adoption 101" in 2017. Even before Kathleen and Thom began their adoption journey, they were involved in, and participated in the annual photo fundraiser, which was great for including in their adoptive family profile!

​Although they are new to the adoptive family community, Kathleen and Thom are an open book when sharing their learning experiences on open and transracial adoption.

Kathleen and Thom reside in Charlotte with Roman Cooper (2), who joined their family via domestic infant adoption, and their German Shepherd pup Sarge.

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