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2024 Secretary

2024 Secretary

David Grigg

David has more than five years of experience in the digital marketing industry, working with companies from the local level to managing campaigns across the nation in 90+ markets. Having graduated from NC State University in 2016, he moved to Charlotte to start his career and invest his time and energy into what he's passionate about.

One of his biggest passions is adoption, being an adoptee himself from Seoul, South Korea. David seeks to invest his experiences into places such as Adoption Support Alliance so that understanding is what comes first. It is one thing to navigate the world as an adoptee, but it should never be done alone. He is motivated for other families and individuals to know that support systems exist!

David knows that adoption is a lifelong process, and sometimes answers aren't so clear. It doesn't mean that questions shouldn't be asked, and it's more of a reason for support to be present. He wants conversations about adoption to be embraced and viewed as a vital role for adoptive families. He believes that hope is real, and hope is what binds us together.

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