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Member Spotlight: Testimonials

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We love hearing feedback from adoptive families- whether it’s constructive criticism, suggestions or compliments, hearing from families keeps us motivated to do the work that we are doing through Adoption Support Alliance. Presented here are some kind words from families with whom we work. Thank you for the reminders why we do the work that we do and the continued encouragement!

Growing with Families

Adoption Support Alliance has grown with us - and helped us grow - since the inception of our family several years ago. Neither my husband nor I could imagine walking the challenging road of adoptive parenting without ASA's fearless leaders, loving community and widespread local network. From the very first book club to camps, support groups, individual therapy and classes crafted to meet adoptive and prospective adoptive parents right where they are - not to mention all the incredible help available to adopted children - we have been beyond blessed to work, and walk, with such an incredible organization. I continue to cheer for and champion ASA and their mission, as well as recommend them to friends old and new!

-Rachel, adoptive mother

Validation, Informative and Fun

Being part of a group provides something that I get from no other source. It’s validating, informative and fun! For my daughter, the teen group provides an opportunity to talk, share and learn in a way that she doesn’t do with her friends, adopted or not. We are grateful to Adoption Support Alliance for walking with us through this important journey.

-Meg, adoptive mother

Honest Experiences Heard and Supported

ASA has been integral to our post adoption journey. Getting together with other adoptive parents and sharing our experiences gives me perspective on our family. Sometimes, I realize that our "crazy" is actually normal or I gain new insight into what our children have gone through. Other times I learn practical day in day out parenting tips. No matter what I feel I can bring my honest experiences to the table and be heard and supported.

-Carrie, adoptive mother

They Got Me

About a year after our 2 youngest children were placed in our care, I was sinking. I had depth of community, a life-giving church, a supportive, engaged husband- but still, I was sinking. A coffee date was where my head began to lift. I found a community unlike others I'd encountered where I could share openly and be met with understanding, no judgement. I found a place where new friends could understand my joys and struggles in specific ways that were often hard to express. They got me- through my tears and doubt and questions. I was met with compassion, encouragement and resources to help me foster love and growth for my littlest ones. Adoption Support Alliance is a true gift to the Charlotte community. These folks care deeply for families throughout the entire adoption process and are unafraid to enter the mess of newly forming families. I'm forever grateful for their care.

-Mary, adoptive mother

Deepened Relationship

My kids have attended the summer camp three years in a row, and they always come out of it with thoughtful questions and a better sense of who they are and what it means to be adopted. It has helped us process things as they struggle with questions about identity and family, and has deepened my relationship with them. Attending the adoptive families panel was a powerful and moving experience for me and my partner, bringing up so many important things to consider when raising an adopted child. The words of the adult adoptees have stuck with me and keep me actively making sure my children spend time with other adoptive families. Organizations like ASA are too rare; we are lucky to have one in Charlotte.

-Kathie, adoptive mother

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