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Commit to Community

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Peer to Peer Campaign

August 1st to August 17th 

Community is foundational to what we do at Adoption Support Alliance.  Our mission is to help adoptive families through the unique challenges of building their forever family.   As it states on our website, Adoption can be one of the hardest and most beautiful experiences for families; it’s definitely complicated!  But no matter a family’s needs, whether at the beginning of the process or deeply involved in building their family, it helps to know that they aren’t alone.   Programming at Adoption Support Alliance has been designed to welcome families into the ASA community at whatever level is most comfortable and most needed given their unique circumstances. 


Through our COMMIT TO COMMUNITY campaign, we are honored to introduce you to our Alliance Allies, adoptive families & adoptees who have been positively impacted by Adoption Support Alliance’s circles of support.  We invite you to get to know their family and through them, learn how we at Adoption Support Alliance help our community through our four circles of support- community building, classes, connection groups & counseling.   As a member of our Alliance Allies’ communities, join them in supporting our work so that we can continue to impact and grow our adoption community.  

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