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Adoption Book Drive

Our Wish List 

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We love to be able to lend and recommend books to ASA families, but the options in our library are currently limited (and somewhat outdated).  Please support us by filling our library!   You are welcome to send one of your family's favorites, even if it's not on the list!  For every book you send, a donor will purchase another for the organization.   If you have adoption books that you no longer use, we'll take those too and look forward to sharing them with our community!  These books and your generosity will help us support adoptive families through the unique challenges of building forever families.  

Please consider making any purchases with Shelves Bookstore, a Charlotte-based online and pop-up bookstore. They will ship directly to us or to your home, just like Amazon!

Additional Recommended Books

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For parents of all ages and stages to help them feel less alone in these challenging conversations around adoption.

Adult Adoptees Collage.png

Adult Adoptees

Books for adult adoptees for support as they grow to understand their unique identities 

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Waiting Families

Books for individuals and couples considering or in the process of adoption. 

Book Drive & Halloween Celebration

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